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What makes Colony City Cargo trailers superior?

The biggest difference between our trailers and those from other guys is that we use tubular steel for the frame rather than traditional bars. This provides a smoother ride with fewer jolts when traveling over rough roads.

What size ball do I need when I pick up my trailer?

A single axle trailer requires a 2″ ball and a tandem axle trailer requires a 2 5/16 ball.

How high should I set my receiver?

The height of your receiver should be 14-15 inches from the ground to ensure that it is level when pulling a trailer.

What do I need to pull my trailer behind a motorhome?

Are you buying a V-Nose trailer? It’s required that you have an 18-inch extended tongue.

Does the trailer come with an electric hookup?

The single axle trailers come with a 4-way flat plug, and the tandem axles need an additional 3 poles to power them both. The 7-way round trailer plugs into your vehicle’s electrical system like any other installed accessory.

Why am I having problems with my tube trailer?

The problem with your unit is most likely due to age or wear of the welds on both frame pieces as well as cracks developing in ceiling panels from moisture infiltration.

What happens if I fill out your contact form?

Once you fill out our contact form, we will send you a follow-up quote and emails with important information about our company and the process.

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